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Social Cause- Sustainable Livelihood, Product Accessibility and Affordability


Efficacious social causes are coherently integrated into Koko Tawa’s organisational purpose, in the urge and desire of touching and improving the lives of consumers now and for the generations ahead. The Koko Tawa proceeds with its social causes through its products and services that it offers. Our company manufactures eco-friendly and organic products following the social responsibility programme that seeks to improve the lives of that in-need across India. We involve our commitments of sustainable livelihood, product accessibility, and affordability as a part of our mission to make India stand high in the index list of living standards and economic sustenance. We also give equal priority to environmental sustainability.
As a part of our strategy to grow responsible in the competitive market, we endeavour to work towards a long-term environmental sustainability vision which includes the following:
To check on the number of wastes produced while packaging
Completely deem into Design the products in such a way that it would delight and benefit consumers in the process of conservation of resources


Social Responsibility


Koko Tawa focuses on providing sustainable livelihood to various people of India with different employment schemes and services. We thrive on purpose-inspired growth which drives us not only to serve our consumers with superior product proposition
but also support them truly touch and greatly improve the lives of more and more consumers, in a holistic manner, by extensively contributing towards the communities we operate in.
Koko Tawa also produces such products which would provide concrete comfort to the masses of all classes making their high-end products cost-effective and endorsing their availability even in the remote rural markets of India.