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What is Puberty?

Puberty is that time of life when you attain sexual maturity. Your body is ready for sexual reproductions and initiates hormonal signals. It shows various physical changes. Generally, girls attain the age between 8 to 13 years and boys attain the age between 9 to 15 years.

What is Menstruation?

Menstruation which is also periods, is the discharge of blood and tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. It takes place in an interval of one lunar month from the age of puberty to menopause. Only during pregnancy, menstruation does not happen.

What is PMS?

The PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is a combination of various symptoms and physical changes that take place before the monthly menstruation. The PMS generally appears before the period and disappears during the periods.

How to use Sanitary Napkins?

The sanitary pad is placed between the vulva and the underwear. The adhesives would help the pads to get properly placed and the wings would support to keep the pad in a steady manner inside the lingerie.

How to dispose off Sanitary Pads?

You must dispose the sanitary napkin in a very hygienic manner.  Few layers of toilet paper must be wrapped around the sanitary pad that may keep the pad folded and closed. Then, you can place the wrapped sanitary napkin inside a small plastic or paper bag or inside the sanitary napkin wrapper and dispose it off to the dustbin.


Which Pad is best for me?

Librelle & Wisey sanitary pads are a comfortable solution that protects you from a variety of different sources of moisture, keeping you comfortable and at ease, no matter what your day has in store. These pads Provide  4X Absorbency than ordinary pads and Import Absorption Factor for Super Lock Water.

What are Librelle & Wisey Pads made of?

Dependable, Comfortable and Super-absorbent Librelle & Wisey Sanitary pads contain super absorbent polymers (SAP) that in fluids to keep you dry more than other absorbent materials.

How often should I change my Feminine Pad?

Depending on your age and body type, your flow can change from time to time. It’s perfectly normal to have heavy days and light days: this is the most important factor in deciding how often to change your pad. Naturally, you’ll need to replace it more frequently on days of heavy absorption and less often on lighter days. Overall, just listen to your body and reach for a new pad whenever your current one isn’t feeling as comfortable.