About us - Koko Tawa Health Care
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The inception of Koko Tawa so happened when the paramount pioneers and other team members of KOKO TAWA just felt that the minority and the most neglected, yet the most powerful and intelligent beings need something substantial to make their menstruating days seem better. To give their idea a shape the embarkation of Librelle & Wisey was structured.

The team of Koko Tawa introduced these products in the market to let the most discriminated gender of the society overcome their menstruating days in a happier and healthier manner.

Maintaining female hygiene during menstruation is indispensable for each and every woman. Needless to say, choosing the right sanitary pad is essential for such a vital purpose. Stories of adolescent girls coming from semi-peripheral and poorly resourced countries turn more painful when they narrate that most of their gynaecological muddles are due to the usage of various alternatives than a proper hygienic sanitary napkin. It is hence, Koko Tawa has dedicated its engineering to the production of such sanitary napkins which would provide panic free life to women during the menstruation time. Superior product propositions and eco-friendly technological innovations are vital aspects of Koko Tawa.

  • Logo & Its Description

    The Koko Tawa logo is designed to depict the infinite beating of a heart,

  • Why Koko Tawa Products?

    Periods are an integral part of every woman’s life and so are sanitary napkins.

  • Brand Story

    Since the old days, women had to face the prejudiced vices for the normal metabolic